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Detail Description: Cast Polyethylene gloves are transparent gloves used in different places ranging from hospitals to homes. They are very durable and strong, which makes them perfect for various applications. They also stretch and can be easily worn and removed. Made with polyethylene resin, these gloves may not be sterile enough for use in high contamination areas.
However, they can still give you the protection you need when handling various types of surfaces. Their affordable nature also makes them a great option for applications that require frequent change of gloves.
Applications of CPE Gloves
In the healthcare sector, CPE gloves are the preferred examination gloves in most departments. Nursing departments and general care healthcare departments also use these medical gloves when handling patients. They are cheaper, and since they have to be disposed of frequently, they offer more value.
The gloves can also be used in the food industry. Restaurants, bakeries, and cafes also rely on CPE gloves when handling food. The gloves increase hygiene by preventing contamination of the food by the handlers. You can also use gloves when doing regular chores such as cooking and cleaning at home. Just remember to dispose of them correctly when you’re done.
Benefits of Using CPE Gloves
• The gloves are waterproof, which shows that they have the barrier protection you need. They also have embossed surfaces that make them easier to use by improving your grip.
• They are cheaper than other types such as Vinyl gloves, which is great for frequent removal.
• Not having latex, powder or phthalates makes the gloves safe for the food industry. They are still strong enough for other applications as well and are, therefore, multipurpose.
• They are durable.
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